An SSS 3 student who joined Bobrisky on Live Video receives a warning from Bobrisky

Bobrisky, a controversial crossdresser, has placed an SS3 student who attended his IG live in his place, requesting that he read his book.

Bobrisky issues a warning to an SSS 3 student who joined him on Live Video. Bobrisky, who was taken aback when he learned that the young man who joined his live stream was an SS3 student, screamed and then did her role as a big sister by telling him to go read his books in a calm and respectful manner rather than screaming at him.

Bobrisky, in the role of a nice sister, inquired about the young man’s occupation and was startled to learn that he is an SS3 student. She instantly put him in his place, telling him to go read his books.

When Bobrisky asked him what he was doing on IG Live when he was an SS3 student, he mumbled that he was studying his books, but afterwards became calm when she didn’t chastise him as expected.

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