Davido Excessive Expenditure On Five Occasions Has Astonished His Followers

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Over the years, Davido has established a reputation as a musician who enjoys splurging on the things he enjoys.

Davido has spent a lot of money on the following items:


Nightclub Outing

Nightclub Outing
Nightclub Outing

Davido is well-known for his extravagant nightclub and outing expenditures. When he published a receipt for almost 5,000 British Pounds spent on a night out, he labeled his spending “extravagant,” which raised eyebrows. It’s an understatement to say it was lavish.

2019 trip to Icebox

Davido appeared in a YouTube video for IceBox, an Atlanta-based jewelry store, in which he pulled in a Louis Vuitton bag full of cash in 2019.

By the time Davido stepped out of IceBox, he’d already spent $150,000 on that single trip. The video elicited a mix of awe, envy, and disbelief among many who saw it.

Davido has purchased a lot of his jewelry from these same Icebox individuals, which ranges in price from ludicrous to even more insane.

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Diamond Hand Sanitizer

When a new video of Davido acquiring a ₦38 million hand sanitizer from renowned Miami-based jeweler Johnny Dang surfaced earlier in 2021, it grabbed headlines and became a topic of contention.

Diamond Lighter

In yet another display of astonishing opulence, Davido went out to acquire yet another common home item that anyone can get for less than ₦200 from their local store – a lighter.

Any light, however, will not be enough. Davido had his own lighter, which he bought for $5,000 from Icebox (almost ₦2 million). Fans were surprised and confused when the musician took to social media to showcase the expensive lighter.

Spending 68M on three Television Sets

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Davido’s famous faithful aide, Israel DMW, recently complimented Davido for spending 68 million Naira on three television sets, each costing 17 million Naira.

In his Banana Island house, the musician and record label CEO lavished millions of Naira on television sets.

According to Israel, the artist spent a total of 68 million dollars on four Bang and Olufsen TV sets, each costing 17 million dollars.

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