Duro Ikujenyo encourages young musicians to create music that is culturally relevant

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Duro Ikujenyo, a veteran musician, has challenged the next generation of musicians to create outstanding music that reflects the richness of Nigerian cultural history if they want to survive in the competitive music industry.

Ikujenyo, who was a keyboardist in Fela Kuti’s Egypt 80 band and taught Femi and Seun Kuti how to play the keyboard, stated that today’s musicians have what it takes to conquer their world, but they must be professional, have a thorough understanding of music, and have a good understanding of their cultural heritage.

“For young musicians who know their onions, it is imperative to know that your music is your weapon and voice, and you need to invest in it and hone your craft,” said the artiste, who recently released an album titled Divine Union and also celebrated his 65th birthday with a concert at Freedom Park on September 3. The African culture is rich, and any artist who grasps it and makes the most of it will stand out.”

At the Alliance Francaise in Lagos, Ikujenyo recently staged a documentary screening and record release.

Angelbeth Theuretzbacher and Duro Ikujenyo created the documentary, which was titled “Lagos, the World’s Fastest Growing City and the Future of Planet Earth.”

DivineUnion is his sixth album, and it includes songs like the title, Eye Je, Ibadan, and Mibele.

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