EPL: ‘Shut up’ – Jordan tells Fernandes, De Gea, slams ‘appalling’ Man United squad

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Former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan, has told Manchester United stars Bruno Fernandes and David De Gea to shut up following their comments over the current situation at Old Trafford.

United suffered an embarrassing 4-1 defeat to Watford on Saturday leading to the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as manager.

The Red Devils have managed one win in seven Premier League games which included a 5-0 loss to Liverpool and a 2-0 defeat to derby rivals Man City.

Jordan insisted that United players must be held accountable for performing so poorly and not displaying enough leadership.

De Gea had after the United game admitted the team.were ’embarrassing’, adding that the players must take responsibility, rather than everyone piling on their manager.

Fernandes also repeated that sentiment but Jordan insisted they should be doing their talking, while also backing their manager, on the pitch.

“The team reflects leadership – leadership was embodied on the exit interview,” said the White and Jordan host.

“I’m not interested in who your friends were, I’m not interested in what acquaintances you’ve made, I’m not interested in how you have enjoyed yourself at Manchester United or how Man United represents you.

“Man United is a winning machine; that’s what it should represent. Not a glad-handing, back-slapping, jobs-for-the-boys mentality where excuses are built up.

“It is a winning machine that was built up over 20 years by Alex Ferguson and it has become anything but that now and that is in part because of the Glazer’s ownership because the economics of Manchester United have changed, because of the way it is controlled has changed.

“But also, because the culture of the players has been allowed to get out of hand. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, in that dressing room, with the ‘Nicest Man in the World’ hat on, cannot control the expectations of those players.

“You’ve got Harry Maguire running around putting fingers in his ears whilst playing for England against Albania and his next game out, you get that.

“You’ve got him two years ago running around on a Greek island giving it the big’un and he probably got away with a lot more than people understand.

“De Gea comes out, what are you? You didn’t do that much either, you’re talking about they can’t defend. You can’t save that much either!

“Shut up! Look at Fernandes; Fernandes is waving at the crowd. Did you see your own performance?

“The whole of that team, with a very few exceptions, were appalling and there should be an element of self-pride if nothing else.”


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