Rev. Mother (Dr) Captain Esther Abimbola Ajayi Net Worth And Biography

Rev. Mother (Dr) Captain Esther Abimbola Ajayi Net Worth And Biography

When you meet Rev. Mother (Dr.) Captain Esther Abimbola Ajayi for the first time, you are impressed by her exuberant energy. She has a lot of swaggers, but not in an arrogant, look-at-me kind of way. This lady cleric turned millionaire philanthropist exudes self-assurance informed of a clear sense of purpose and identity.


Rev. Abimbola Esther Ajayi is a philanthropist and a white-robed clergyman. She established the Love of Christ Generation Church in C & S (Iya Adura), London. Her ministry and humanitarian foundation have touched and impacted the lives of many people.

Esther was born on April 2, 1963, in Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria, where she thrived in the corporate sector as a successful entrepreneur before dedicating her life to full-time preaching.

Apart from continually proclaiming the word and gaining people for Christ, her humanitarian actions have renewed many faint hopes. She founded the Esther Abimbola Foundation.

Early Life

On April 8, she was born into a Christian family. According to her, her great-grandfather was the one who brought the Methodist church to Agboyi, Lagos.

She began to see signs of being special at a young age. She described how, when she was a child, while her mother was gravely ill, she was requested to pray for her, and her mother’s health improved the next day.

She also prayed for a pregnant woman who was overdue for delivery, and she gave birth to a baby.

Esther Ajayi grew up to become a successful entrepreneur. She has been supporting her parents since she was 20 years old. She constructed her first house, a two-story structure when she was 25, and she still lives in it with her parents.


Rev. Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi had her primary education at St. Michael’s Catholic School in Mushin, Lagos. She was baptized at the school. As a result of her ability, she completed primary school and was admitted to Ikeja Senior Grammar School, Bolade-Oshodi, Lagos in 1974.

As an ardent theologian and Bible scholar, she possesses a BA degree in Biblical Theology from Faith Bible College Sango-Otta, as well as numerous academic accolades.

Rev. Mother (Dr) Captain Esther Abimbola Ajayi Net Worth And Biography


Esther Ajayi’s supernatural call to create a ministry was intriguing. In an exclusive interview, Kemi Ashifon stated, “I’ve always dreamed of holding a bell and a big Bible in my hands.” I fantasized about evicting fetishists from church and cleaning filthy altars.” “My path to ministry began in 1997, when, as an entrepreneur, I owed the then-National Electric Power Authority, NEPA, N4.2m. I was in Abuja, set on reclaiming my money because I owed a bank and was heavily servicing. I entered a taxi one day, and as was my custom, I prayed for every hour.

At 3 p.m., the taxi driver, whom I addressed as Baba Ogbomoso (he is now late), noticed me praying in the taxi and requested if he would join me. We prayed together, and he asked whether everything was okay. I informed him about NEPA’s debt to me. He promptly requested if I would meet with a Godly woman to pray for me. I consented to see the prophetess because I was desperate for assistance. That’s where I met Rev Esther Oguntoyinbo. As soon as I arrived, she knelt and requested me to pray for her.

I was perplexed and unsure what she was saying because I had gone to her to ask her to pray for me. She persisted, and I only uttered a little prayer. Then she claimed that God wanted me to bear His cross and that God will show this to her with the money from NEPA, which she indicated would be made within 7 days. That way, I’d know God wants me to bear His cross. She requested me to pray for her again before I left her house.”

“On my way back, I was dissatisfied with what the prophetess said because I wanted my money and didn’t want to carry any crosses. However, on the fifth day, I went to the gospel.”

“That is how I began preaching, and I would preach on my streets, everywhere, and even when we moved to London.” I would ring the bell and preach the gospel on the streets of London, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.” People stared at me at first, but they grew accustomed to it and smiled.”


She married Rev. Dr. Ademuyiwa Ajayi, who is currently a lecturer in theology at Faith Bible College in Ota, Ogun State. The couple has known each other for almost 40 years and can now read each other’s minds flawlessly. They have two sons, two girls, and an adopted daughter.

Private Jet

Though private Jet is expensive, and in order to buy one, one must be a billionaire, which someone like Iya Adura can afford through grace because she deserves to own one.

It is also believed that private jet owners in Nigeria spend over 30 billion Naira per year on private jet upkeep, and Nigeria currently has over 100 private jet owners.

Rev. Mother (Dr) Captain Esther Abimbola Ajayi Net Worth And Biography

Net Worth

Esther Ajayi is a charmer, incredibly wealthy, and always the cynosure of all eyes; she receives admiring attention every time she steps out and into the church and has touched lives via her generosity and sacrifices to help the needy, through her foundation and other means.

Name Esther Ajayi
Full Name Rev. Abimbola Esther Ajayi
Date of Birth April 2, 1963
Age 58 years (2021)
Net Worth $20 million – $50 million
State of Origin Lagos state
Church Love of Christ Generation Church, C & S (Iya Aladura)


Esther Ajayi’s net worth is estimated to be in the $20-$50 million range.

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