How To Become A Millionaire Using 86Fb/86w Without Losing Your Money

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Good day, guys. I’m NAIJAGENRE’s Chief Executive Officer, and I’m here to show you how to bet and make a lot of money on 86Fb or 86w without losing any of your money.

I’m happy to inform you that there is some excellent news for you. Even if it’s your first time betting and you have little or no prior experience, you can now stake and win like a pro. On the 86Fb or 86w betting platform, you can start earning money right now. After registering with this website with my link make sure you contact me on WhatsApp instantly for the best guide.

What is the official Website for 86FB Platform


Is 86Fb or 86w legitimate?

The right answer is YES. look at the picture below

Do they have a C.A.C. registration?

Yes, they have registered with CAC under the name “86 FOOTBALL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED” and have the registration number 1891287, Check the certificate below.

86 Football Technology Limited
86 Football Technology Limited

The City Football Group operates the 86Fb or 86W football betting platform. It is a holding company with joint ventures in the UAE, the United Kingdom, and China. Its headquarters are in Manchester, and it owns and runs a number of football clubs around the world. It also has a club in Nigeria that is certified and controlled by the local government, as well as a legitimate Internet sports event investing organization.

86w APP Download

Download 86Fb or 86w App

First, let me explain how 86Fb or 86w makes money.

I believe that everyone understands that APP’s agent rebates are divided into 3 levels: level 1 (10%), level 2 (5%), and level 3 (3%). Through APP’s agent rebates, the team also supports everyone’s capital preservation strategy and introduces feedback activities to everyone’s agents. The team also profits from everyone’s refunds. As a result, the team reminds everyone on a daily basis to work on their own team.

Only a few teams in the Nigerian market are willing to promise everyone that they will lose money owing to investment losses. Our staff, on the other hand, has always insisted on creating its own capital preservation strategy. By relying on its reputation, the team has grown to such a big extent. The team’s success is based on giving back to team members, agents, and teams in order to create profitable strategies that are profitable for everyone. The best feedback that partners can give to the team is to help them establish their own team.

As previously stated, the team earns money from your agent rebates. Our team will not receive any additional rebates if it is unable to consistently encourage the development of agents. As a result, why does the team always allow everyone to develop additional agents? Allowing everyone to develop agents is helpful not only for the team but also for yourself.

How does 86fb or 86w properly work?

The amount you earn on is purely determined by the amount you recharge on the platform; in other words, the greater the amount you recharge on the platform, the bigger the bonus/commission you will receive.

  • When you Recharge 65000NGN you get 3200NGN
  • When you Recharge 150000NGN you get 8800NGN
  • When you Recharge 300000NGN you get 22000NGN
  • when you Recharge 800000NGN you get 78000NGN
  • When you Recharge 2000000NGN you get N180000NGN
  • When you Recharge 10000000NGN you get 960000NGN

This is a one-time claim.

Can I Become A millionaire From 86Fb or 86w Platform?

The answer is yes. Check below screenshot

Whatsapp Image 2022 04 08 At 1.48.51 Pm

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How Can I Register / Sign Up  For 86Fb or 86w?

86w football prediction

The following information is required to register on

  1. Visit 86fb or 86w.
  2. Click on REGISTER
  3. Input the required information
  4. Then click on REGISTER to complete your registration.
  5. Make sure you chat me up on WhatsApp after the registration.

How To Become A Millionaire Using 86Fb/86W Without Losing Your Money


If you know it’s my referer code you’re using to sign up / register Dm via WhatsApp I’ll provide you with detailed guidance.

How can I fund / Deposit to my wallet on 86fb or 86w for betting?

  1. As indicated on the top image, select (My) from the right-hand menu.
  2. Click on Deposit.
  3. Click on the bank card.
  4. Another page will open.
  5. Then select NasiPay(Nigeria) or Nigeria
  6. You can enter any amount in the box or choose from a list of amounts (Note: Minimum amount to deposit is N3500)
  7. If you have any questions, you can contact me via  WhatsApp.
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How Can I Fund My Wallet On 86Fb/86W For Betting?
How Can I Fund My Wallet On 86Fb/86W For Betting?

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On 86Fb or 86w, How will I bet or place a bet

The team offers 3 games every day on the 86FB or 86w betting platform, all of which are guaranteed to win. If you play the recommended games from the team and lose, the firm simply refunds the amount utilized in playing that game, so you just lose the profit you were meant to gain on that bet, but your capital remains untouched, That sounds great.

When can I place a bet on 86fb/86w that will not result in a loss?

Every day the team has 3 plans. The first match is scheduled to drop on the group at 11:00 a.m., while the second match is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. During this time, you should pay close attention to the group’s release schedule and acquire the match as soon as possible.

When Can I Place A Bet On 86Fb/86W That Will Not Result In A Loss?
86Fb/86W Team

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When Can I Place A Bet On 86Fb/86W That Will Not Result In A Loss?
86Fb/86W Team

How can I withdraw money on 86fb or 86w & How much can I withdraw?

Any amount can be withdrawn from your 86w dashboard at any time, and you will be paid quickly. Withdraw with USDT is more faster.

Img 20220410 Wa0015 Img 20220410 Wa0016

To withdraw money from 86w, all you have to do is give your account and personal information. (e.g Your name on your bank account + Your account number.)

Each withdrawal on the site incurs a 5% fee.

If you have any questions, you can contact me on WhatsApp.

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Appreciate you for taking the time to read this review of 86fb or 86w. Please share your personal experience with 86fb or 86w in the comments area if you believe it is a legitimate or fraudulent platform

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