How Ubi Franklin’s baby mama, Sandra dumped her 4 months marriage over husband’s serial cheating

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Sandra Iheuwa, one of Ubi Franklin’s baby mamas and a businesswoman, made headlines recently when she removed the surname of her four-month-old husband, Steve Thompson, off her social media handle. In addition, she removed the words “married to a boss” from her bio.

Kemi Filani News recalls the two unfollowed each other after removing their photographs from each other’s Instagram pages.

This came as a shock to so many as their four-month-old marriage was contracted in August 2021.

According to a source close to the family, Sandra moved out of their married house in Osapa-London, Lagos state, last week because of her husband’s alleged habitual act of infidelity, which is normally unprotected.

According to the source, Steve sleeps around with women without condoms.

Mr. Thompson reportedly spent two nights in a hotel the week after they returned from their honeymoon, according to the source.

Sandra tried to get him to quit cheating on her, according to the source, but he refused. She’d had enough and moved out of their house last week, enraged.

Mr. Thompson is never regretful for his behavior, according to the source, therefore family members are currently attempting to address their disputes.

Mr. Thompson’s account has currently been deleted. Sandra is supposed to be cooling off somewhere, and no one knows whether or not she will return to the marriage.

This would be Mr Thompson’s 3rd marriage and Sandra’s 2nd marriage.

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