Iyabo Ojo sues Yomi Fabiyi for slander and seeks N100 million in damages

Iyabo Ojo Sues Yomi Fabiyi For Slander And Seeks N100 Million In Damages

Iyabo Ojo, a famous Nollywood actress, has filed a lawsuit against her counterpart, Yomi Fabiyi, seeking N100 million in damages as a result of his “defamatory writing.”

Fabiyi staged a demonstration earlier today, demanding the bail and release of Baba Ijesha, who is being arrested by the police on suspicion of molesting a minor.

According to a letter written by Ojo’s attorneys, The Maverick Forte Legal, defamatory comments were scribbled on placards during Fabiyi’s protest, some of which read, “Nigeria Police, please allow the law to rule to you, not Iyabo Ojo, Princess and co.” Please set Baba Ijesha free.”

“If released on bail in this period, Iyabo Ojo and Princess vowed to destroy Baba Ijesha?”.

Via her attorneys, Ojo denied making any statements with the intent of murdering Baba Ijesha or intervening with the Nigeria Police Force’s constitutional obligations.

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