Kaalan Walker The ‘SuperFly’ Actor, Was Gound Guilty Of Raping Seven Women

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Kaalan Walker an American rapper, and actor was convicted of rapes between 2013 and 2018.

According to Rolling Stone, the actor who played Superfly in the 2018 version was found guilty of rapping seven victims, three of whom were 16-year-old aspiring models.

When the Los Angeles jury’s divided decision was given to him, the actor sobbed uncontrollably.

In 2021, about 30 teenagers and young women accused Walker of sexual assault, alleging that he took use of his celebrity to offer to connect them to Drake and other celebrities.

In Los Angeles County, he was arrested for forceful rape, unlawful intercourse with a minor, and other offenses in connection with 11 of the victims.

“Your honor, I did not rape anyone!” As he was brought away in handcuffs, Walker screamed.

For his offenses, the actor could face a sentence of up to 100 years in prison.

Andrew Flier, Walker’s lawyer, expressed disappointment with the conviction and stated that he intends to appeal it.

“I don’t believe he received a fair trial, and the fact that three of the victims were acquitted says loudly,” Flier continued.

He argued that the judge had denied them the right to bring witnesses on the same problem but in the opposite direction.

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