Lady In Tears After Boyfriend of 3 Years Told Her He’s Marrying Another Woman

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A man has left his girlfriend of three years heartbroken after informing her of his intention to marry another girl.

Lady In Tears After Boyfriend of 3 Years Told Her He's Marrying Another Woman 1

A Nigerian man has revealed his girlfriend’s reaction after 3 years of dating.
He revealed some of the things that made him leave the relationship.
Read his post below:
It’s hurtful, I don’t know which side of the coin you guys want to follow but, she came that day, uninvited like she use to & know I have to tell her when she starts touching me & reaching my sensitive zone, I held her hands for a while & broke the silence,
I did tell her that we aren’t going anywhere after noticing how flirty she is from first 1 month of our date, but she kept coming back, I have broken up with her prior to this, but she still comes to my place uninvited,
She is curvy & seductive, she is beautifully personified, I don’t have time to chase after girls due to the nature of my job, so, she has been the only girl I have all along,
I have carefully made my choice, ladies you all need to learn this cos most Nigerian guys will not tell you this or force it on you..
I can’t marry a girl who doesn’t trust me, or projects condom forward just at the point of having Bleep with her,
I can’t have a girl who can’t cook as a wife but gf yes,
I can’t harbor a girl who questions my authority as my wife, but as gf yes
I can’t take a girl who challenges me even to point of picking up a fight with me as a wife, but as girlfriend, yes
I can’t take a girl who disobeys me as my wife, cheating will be nothing to her,
I can’t marry a girl who is unapologetic, for girlfriend, yes but not a wife
I can’t marry a girl who’s 80% contact is raging with boys, even if there are all her cousin, or she doesn’t sleep with them I don’t care,
I can’t marry a girl who wears make up 247 when coming and going and always on a tight body revealing clothes, what that means is she is not done advising herself to highest bidder
This are the conditions & challenges that i tried hard to stop my girlfriend from but she wouldn’t let go,
We have dated for more than 3 years but this attitude never changes,
I found someone whom all this came from without me pushing for it, now she is crying out her eyes.

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