Lincon, Bolanle’s husband, issues a statement in response to the problem

Following the viral video of his wife leaving their house, Abiodun Lincon issued a statement to address difficulties in his and Bolanle’s marriage.

Bolanle married Lincon in February, less than six months ago, and the pair had a kid together. Bolanle was featured on artist Zlatan Ibile’s song Pepper Dem.

Lincon videotaped his wife moving their belongings out of their house on July 19. He then went on to say that the marriage was finished and that Bolanle was abusive.

He subsequently confessed that he had a “wonderful wife” in South Africa and that he married Bolanle only for the purpose of gaining clout. Lincon and Bolanle’s cousin, BJ, also got into a fight in an Instagram interview after Bolanle’s husband accused her of being aggressive.

BJ, Bolanle’s cousin, claims that she was the one who was aggressive in the marriage, not the other way around. Lincon beat Bolanle barely a week after their wedding, while she was pregnant with their baby, according to BJ.

Lincon subsequently acknowledged hitting Bolanle but claimed that he did so because she began beating him first.

Lincon has now issued a statement in response to the controversy, which dates back to the beginning of his marriage to Bolanle.

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He wrote;

”Good day all, firstly I would like to apologize for bringing out my marital issues to the public, I know that it is not anyone’s concern. Like any other person my problems became too much for me and I broke down. Just to set the record straight on a few things, My second wife (Bolanle) was aware of the fact that I was married from the start, when my first wife found out about this which was barely a month of us being together she informed my mother and my mother made it clear to her that I am a married and she should end whatever was happening between us. However me and my second wife continued with our relationship with her full knowledge of me not having any plans of leaving my first wife in South Africa. During our stay together she would get violent, break things and beat me up most of the times and at times I would also retaliate in self defense. We had a fallout and I decided that I want out as things were toxic for me, I had already been married for some years and I have never laid a hand on my first wife. However Bolanle told me that she was pregnant and wanted us to get married otherwise I would have no claim over my child, I know there is no excuse on my part for agreeing to this but I did many times I wanted to pull out as I have realized that we were both toxic to each other yet her family begged me not to shame them and their daughter. I am no saint I have made mistakes and coming to this platform with my issues is one of them and for that I apologize to the public. From now onwards I will be dealing with my issues privately and use this time to work on myself as well as my outburst are a clear indication of how broken this issue has left me. My son has been the reason I succumb to the pressure of being forced into this marriage to begin with meaning I would love to be in his life regardless of how things work out in this current situation.”

Lincon, Bolanle'S Husband, Issues A Statement In Response To The Problem

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