Mp3 Download “Blessed” – Pablo Spragga

Mp3 Download “Blessed” – Pablo Spragga

Pablo Spragga (Black Gambino) is a skilled and energetic independent artist whose originality makes his music stand out, unveiling obloquy in his appropriately selected name.

Pablo’s music falls under the World Music genre, which is a fusion of several music genres such as Afro-pop, Reggie-Grimm, Reggae, Dancehall, and Patwa. His ability to fuse these genres into his sound provides a high level of originality and diversity.

Pablo Spragga will release his highly anticipated single “BLESSED” from his upcoming EP “GAMBINO” on Friday, July 9th, 2021.

The libretto/lyrics aren’t wrapped in convoluted metaphors or hammered with overused phrases and clichés; it’s a collection of his genuine, unedited thoughts.

His debut song and EP, in his self-acclaim artistic demeanor, incorporate happiness, power, freedom, and anguish, placing his frank voice-over magnetic music that fortifies dynamism, and is easily relevant and attractive to many age demographics or audiences.

Pablo Spragga’s persona eludes that of a passionate, humble, and dynamic personality fueled by a contagious and compelling optimistic energy. His music reflects the same enthusiasm and passion he exudes. “LOYALTY & FAMILY” is his straightforward message to everyone.

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Title: Blessed
Artist: Pablo-Spragga
Album: None
Comment: Mp3 Tag Editor by
Year: 2021
Duration: 3:18

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