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Tems, the current international rave sensation, has released a new tune named “Crazy Tings.”
Tems 2021’s debut single, “Crazy Tings,” is out of the ordinary. With this new song, the skilled Alte singer adds a new dimension to Afrobeat.

Tems is a Nigerian singer who is dedicated to supporting the alternative music trend that is rapidly reshaping the country’s culture and discussions.

One musical note at a time, The Leading Vibe is revolutionizing the Nigerian music landscape. Tems has a clearly distinct urban sound, combining elements of alternative R&B and Neo soul. Her passion for music isn’t simply lip service; it’s fueled purely by her path, environment, and a wealth of prior experiences and future goals.

Tems’ method entails delving into the depths of her personal essence in order to produce audio-visual writing emotions. Her first song, “Mr Rebel,” became a hit as a result of this. Tems’ current focus is on tapping into and promoting the alternative music movement that is now transforming Nigerian culture and discussions.

Her debut EP, named “Broken Ears,” was published in 2020. On her debut, the vocalist ponders love, life, and relationships, weaving gentle melodies with breezy R&B production in a calm, sophisticated style. In her stunning vocals, she releases emotions. ‘Damages’ and ‘The Key’ were two of the EP’s hit songs.

Title: Crazyย  Things
Artist: Tems
Album: None
Comment: Mp3 Tag Editor by naijagenre.com
Year: 2021
Duration: 3:04

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