My daughter was suspended from Chrisland School following a video taped gang [email protected] – Mother

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The mother of a girl student at Chrisland School who was gang-raped and videotaped has appealed to the public for assistance.

During a school-organized trip to Dubai, the adolescent victim was assaulted by male classmates.

According to the mom, her daughter told her how they went out for breakfast in the morning and one of the guys, Kachi, begged her to lend him her phone charger.

“(Later) Kachi contacted her room and told her to come to get her charger after dinner. She needed her charger, so she went there. One of them told her to take her charger from the toilet when she entered the room.

“They said they were from Chrisland headquarters, and one introduced herself as Mrs. Kemi. ‘All right,’ I said. They answered ‘No’ when I asked if there was a problem.

“They just wanted me to know that my daughter, whom I had left in their care and who they had sent to Dubai, kissed a boy and was kissed by the boy.” That it came from honesty and risk.

“They told me I should take it from her so they wouldn’t have to practice it again.” I said I’d do it and asked if there was anything else, to which they replied, ‘No.’ Mrs. Kemi instructed me not to inform my husband.

“I departed, but they took my daughter somewhere else to question her without my permission.” They’ve been threatening to kill her if she speaks up. It’s a man’s world, and she shouldn’t tell me about it.

“I had no idea my daughter was dying in silence.” They took her to get a pregnancy test and lied to her almost three times that it was a COVID test.

“The school handed her a suspension letter because we started contacting them and letting them know we were aware of what they have done,” she explained, her eyes welling up with tears.

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