Pictures:- The Nigerian Actor And Comedian Tunde Usman Known As Okele Building A Mansion

Tunde Usman, also known as Okele, a Yoruba actor and comedian, is said to have built a home.

The Nollywood Yoruba film industry is blessed with a plethora of talented and comedic actors that have tried their hardest to make audiences smile. Tunde Usman is one of them. He is a gifted comedy actor who is well-known for being a highly humorous actor who gives everything he has to each character he is given and interprets it brilliantly.

Tunde Usman, a prominent Nigerian comedian and producer, was born on July 18th. Ilorin was the place where he received his primary education. He was born in the state of Kwara in Nigeria. In the movie industry, Okele is a well-known actor.




Okele has been in a number of Nigerian comedies.

Tunde Usman got his stage name okele after appearing in the film “Akoda Oba,” in which he played a king’s guard, and the name he was given in the film was Okele. This is how he became known as “okele.”

Tunde Usman is happily married to his wife, and the couple has a beautiful baby girl.


On Saturday, he was congratulated on his mansion on his Facebook page.

Read it 👇👇👇;

Congratulations 👍👍👍 are in other for the legendary best yoruba Nollywood actor and comedian okele on your new mansion pls 🙏 🙏 help me celebrate him you will also be celebrated ( eje ka ba onire yoo kire Le je tiwa naa ) #Yorubanation #yorubanimi #yoruba

See the image of the mansion below

Fb Img 1625919172013

Fb Img 1625919174562

Fb Img 1625919186413

Fb Img 1625919180979

Fb Img 1625919177232

Fb Img 1625919194521

Fb Img 1625919192031

Fb Img 1625919200330

Fb Img 1625919189560


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