Popular Actor Lafeef Adedimeji Open Up On What He Did After A Female Fan Slapped Him

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A Legend actor, Lateef Adedimeji, has opened up on what transpired between him and a fan who slapped him sometimes in the past.

While speaking in an interview with The Punch, the actor revealed that the fan slapped him out of excitement, but he could not do anything but to thank the fan.

“Out of excitement, a fan gave me a ‘hot’ slap. She said, ‘Oh my God! Lateef Adedimeji” he said

“I moved back in anger and saw her smiling. I just had to say ‘thank you’. I had smile by force, by fire. Things like that happen. We just have to manage them because they are out of love. We cannot push them away.”

Adedimeji also stated that he always made sure to mix his personal life and career

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He said,

“It has not been easy (staying out of drama) because as actors, we lead two lives. Our lives on movie sets are quite different from our lives as normal people.

However, a lot of our fans don’t even understand that. They mix up the two. I like to keep my things private and do things on my own. When it’s time for the public to know what I am doing, they will surely know. It has not been easy but I am someone who likes to be careful.

However, despite my carefulness, I still have to go through a lot of things. To an extent, I have been managing things with God on my side.”

Adedimeji, who is noted for speaking Yoruba with an Igbo accent in some films, said he started doing that to stand out from other actors.

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