Prophet Ololade Warns MC OLUOMO Ahead Of Yoruba Nation Rally In Lagos

Ololade Alaba Shomuyiwa, also known as Baba Confirm, Prophet of El Adonai Cherubim and Seraphim International Bible Ministries, as well as a pan-Yoruba agitator, has issued a warning to MC Oluomo, saying that nothing should happen to the demonstrators ahead of the Yoruba Nation rally on July 3, 2021, in Lagos State.

According to a nine-minute-and-47-second video shared by Facetv Africa, Baba Confirm stated that the country belongs to everyone and that just as one can choose to go to Atlanta or Florida with no one restricting their movement, so, also does Nigeria belong to Nigerians and as such, we jointly own Lagos, Abeokuta, and Ibadan, so no one should threaten anyone.

Apart from warning MC Oluomo ahead of the Yoruba Nation event in Lagos, Baba Confirm also alerted him that Chief Sunday Adeyemo, commonly known as Igboho Rosa, will be available at the Lagos rally on the aforementioned date with over 20,000 demonstrators.

He wondered what MC Oluomo still required in life that God hadn’t provided; he is wealthy, famous, influential, and blessed with a good family, so why should he conspire with those in power to punish the poor? Though he stated he didn’t believe it when he heard MC Oluomo was planning to infiltrate a Yoruba Nation rally with his touts to harm demonstrators, he warned that if it’s real, he should avoid carrying out such a mission.

Baba Confirm went on to say that he is only terrified of the God who sent him and that MC Oluomo is not one of them. He stated that they are not heading to Lagos to fight anyone but to peacefully seek their rights from the government. MC Oluomo should stay away from the gathering with his touts because he is not a member of the government.

He also expressed his surprise at watching someone who has been accused of being a murderer operating under the cover of Islam threaten Yoruba activists who are visiting Lagos to exercise their civic rights. Baba Confirm stated that Lagos belongs to the citizens of Nigeria, not Tinubu or anybody else and that as citizens of the country, they have the freedom to exercise their rights wherever in the country.

As a result, he warned that if anything happens to demonstrators on the scheduled date, it would be referred back to MC Oluomo, citing the allegation they’ve heard about him. He advised MC Oluomo to tread cautiously because he owns choice properties everywhere, and has family members who live overseas. He inquired how many individuals MC Oluomo would even send down to attack or overpower demonstrators in Lagos, which number in the thousands.

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