Sugar momma threatens to revoke a lover’s manhood if he refuses to have s*x with her

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Since he told his sugar mama he was no longer interested in the relationship, a 25-year-old South African man claims she has been making his life difficult.

When he declined to have s*x with her because he was weary, she threatened to slash his manhood with a razorblade, according to Vundlani Mwandzule.

Vundlani claims he met the 42-year-old woman in 2020, shortly before South Africa was placed under martial law.

“We met in River Park, on the borders of Alexandra township, at a drinking establishment. During stage five lockdown, we swapped numbers and our friendship grew like wildfire, and I soon began visiting her at her home in Lombardy near Edenvale,” he told scrollaAfrica.

He claimed that every time he went to see her, she made sure she bought him a lot of alcohol and that he became inebriated.

“After the drinks, it’s all about the s*x,” says the narrator. “All night long,” Vundlani said.

Vundlani described a time when he refused to have s*x with the woman because he was weary, and she threatened to sever his manhood with a razorblade if he didn’t.

“I had to give her a lot of s*x,” he explained.

Vundlani claimed that his sugar mommy had been taking him to high-end restaurants and hotels.

“She would take me out even if we had alcohol in the house,” he added.

However, he now claims that he is no longer interested in the connection.

“I’m exhausted. He said, “I don’t want her anymore,” yet she still wants him.

He claims the woman now comes up at his house uninvited, claiming she has spent a lot of money on him and threatening to harm him.

Thandazile Tshikhathali, Vundlani’s mother, told Scrolla.Africa that her son’s sugar mama has made her life difficult as well, and that she has informed their community leader.

“She comes to my house and tells me I’m poor and that I have to accept my son’s feelings for her. She claims that because she is wealthy, she can give my other children laptops and whatever else they desire.”

Thandazile and her son are considering obtaining a protective order against her.

Cecilia (not her real name) was tracked down and spoke with the Scrolla.Africa crew over the phone.

“Wow. In the media, I will not discuss my personal life. She answered, “I have no opinion.”


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