Top Nigerian Songs That Tell A Story

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Musical storytelling, sometimes known as “program music” or “tone painting,” is a kind of music that investigates the various ways composers have told tales through their songs, and here are some of the best Nigerian songs that may be used as a storybook.

Such songs or music are frequently based on true events, scenarios that have occurred, or are related to our environment or daily routines.

The following are some examples of these songs:

 Falz – Child Of The World

 Falz – Child Of The World
Falz – Child Of The World

He depicts the precarious existence of a young girl who is molested by her uncle and grows up to be a nymphomaniac in his film Child of the World.

She becomes involved with a bunch of girls who will do anything for money, and they introduce her to the world of getting paid to lay.

Omawunmi – If You Ask Me

Omawunmi – If You Ask Me
Omawunmi – If You Ask Me

This track may be able to address some of the climate’s hidden perversions.

She presents an example of a family, but she also mentions the unsettling behavior of some fathers attacking and impregnating their own daughters.

There have been some problematic acts between the father and the daughter.

Mode 9 – Cry

Mode 9 – Cry
Mode 9 – Cry

This single, which covers two storylines, is one of the most powerful Nigerian hip-hop tracks of all time.

Verse 1

The conversation between two university sweethearts who married, but the guy became an alcoholic and the wife remained at home, unhappy.

She became pregnant, and on the day of her birth, her inebriated husband rushed to meet her, causing an accident, leaving his wife widowed and the newborn baby boy fatherless.

Verse 2

The film follows two childhood friends who end up at the same university but join opposing cults.

The gang rivalry pitted them against one another, and when a showdown occurred, they were both killed by the trigger fingers of the other.

When you hear this verse, you’ll have chills.

Timaya – Dem Mama

Timaya -Timaya
Timaya -Timaya

The ‘Odi Massacre’ was a mass murder committed by the military at Odi, Bayelsa state, in reaction to a high-tension conflict over oil resources.

Dem Mama had dynamic beats and a fast tempo, making it sound like a club banger (which it was), but the message was a heartbreaking account of violence that tore families apart and killed people.

 Psquare – Oga Police


This one reflects the thoughts of the average Nigerian who has been harassed or brutalized by the police.

Verse 1:

Police try to ruin your style by harassing you for paper while you go down the road with chic in the passenger seat.

Verse 2:

In a nice luxury car, chilling at the bar with your international buddies. They would accuse you of being a fraudster, inquire about your occupation, or try to breach your privacy by requesting that you open your phone.

Mr Raw – Obodo

Mr Raw

Mr. Raw and Dat Nigga Raw perform Obodo, a classic storytelling rap music largely in the local language Igbo.

On this track, he collaborates with Klint Da Drunk, a well-known comic who contributes to the rhythm’s refinement.

On a stop-and-search patrol, he describes how he was treated by the Nigerian police.

Burna Boy –  Another Story

Burnaboy Splashes Over N100Million On Richard Mille Watch

Burna Boy, a Grammy winner, relates the tale of how Nigeria came together as a nation, beginning with the Niger Companies.

He described how the British colonized Nigeria in 1900 and received an 850,000-pound payment.

According to Burna Boy.

‘To appreciate where Nigeria came from, you must first comprehend it.’ The Niger Company handed up control of what is now Nigeria to Britain in 1900.’

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