Two (2) Female Students Fight Roughly Over Boyfriend

The two girls are attending the same secondary school, the name of the school is Mduku High School which is located in South Africa.

The funniest part of this incidence is that the male student that they are both fighting each other for, he appeared and took the girl he loves among them, and safeguarded her from the other girl who attempted to take revenge on her so badly.

The rest of their schoolmates who were present at the scene were only watching them, and they could do nothing to separate them.


You can conclude from their appearances that they were enjoying watching the fight because they were cheering the schoolgirls to continue fighting.

The fight happened right outside the school compound where none of their teachers would even see them.


Nowadays young girls like this have already been thought about how to be violent or react with anger. We should teach our younger ones how to live a peaceful life, we should always teach them by making them learn from our attitudes and reaction whenever we are upset.

It doesn’t make any difference how much you are in love with someone, don’t quarrel or fight publicly with anyone, even just a little argument with a stranger in public doesn’t speak well of you. Just do your best and walk away to gain your self-esteem.

It doesn’t make you a coward, it only means you value your time and effort to use on more important things.

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