Two Girls In An Osun Playground Were Purportedly Killed By Lightning

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The death of two girls who were purportedly struck by lightning on Sunday caused fear in the Ifelodun Local Government Area of Osun State.

On Sunday, August 29, about 4:30 p.m., the incident occurred in the Orisa Elejin community’s Ogo-Oluwa area.

The two children were struck while crossing a field in the region after a light rain, according to an eyewitness, Mary Ojuolape.

“They were struck by lightning while crossing a school football field in the Ogo-Oluwa area,” she said.

A large throng gathered around the bodies of the girls, according to another resident named Dayo.

“I don’t know their names, but they were brothers and sisters. He went on to say, “The situation is awful, and the entire community is saddened by it.”

The girls were found dead on the playground of an Arabic school after lightning hit, according to Hassan Okanlawon, Chairman of the Ifelodun Local Government Area, who confirmed the tragedy.

Okanlawon stated the deceased were living in the vicinity with their grandmother, and when he went to the scene, he was told the two girls were ordered to go out and get condiments for supper.

“Lightning struck them on their way, and they both died instantly. They were staying with their grandmother at the time. One was from Delta State, while the other was from Ondo State.

“I was warned that we wouldn’t be able to remove their remains right away. According to them, Sango devotees must undertake certain rites. The LG boss stated, “I was informed that several Sango devotees from Ede were on their way to the site.”

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