Women Speak Out How She Got Infected With HIV From Her Boyfriend Of 5 Years

A woman Speak Out her struggles after her boyfriend of 5 years infected her with HIV.

According to the woman, she met the man in 2010 and they began dating. She also revealed that she trusted him and believed he was faithful.

Later she found out he has 3 kids with 3 different women after they dated for three years.

She became very sick in 2016 but many hospitals could not identify the cause of the illness. She was later advised to meet a dermatologist and she did only for one of the rest to show that she had tuberculosis.

This time, she was asked to do a HIV test by the doctor and was confirmed positive. On confronting her boyfriend, he insulted her and called her promiscuous.

She revealed that he later apologized for his actions after he fell sick and was admitted to the hospital.

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